Friday, December 23, 2011

Ghetto Blaster

i picked up an FA50 that was disassembled, first come first serve.
i surely was having enough moped fun as it was, but this is my 2nd stamp frame

i made a template for a new hobbit tank tunnel
i tried to make it detachable, but the fa frame is tapered (looking down on it) where as the hobbit frame is hugged by the tank.
so here is the issue.... the frame is curved in, the tank is curved out. about 1/2" difference.
the templates make up for it. bent in at the frame seem, and  blended in with the tank. the original seem on the bottom of the tank was rewelded.

so there is not a tunnel, it was shit canned and the tank welded straight to the frame after the factory stock frame holes were welded shut.

 there were lumps on the seat where the shock mounted i hacked them off and a few other things.

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